Brand Marketing Services at HOH 1960

From gathering accurate consumer insights from the ecosystems you play in, to executing cross-channel campaigns that directly impact your sales performance, our Brand Marketing are always meant to deliver measurable results.

Something we know you desire for the brands that extend your vision.

What We Do

You need marketing plans; our team will give you the road map to reach your goals. You need collateral and sales tools; we will forge the multimedia kits that will help your products gain traction in the market. You need PR; our top talents will unleash their magic to remake your image into one that inspires trust from your target audience.

Where We Come From

Head Over Heels 1960 was formed in 2002 by eight young marketing professionals who think they can get away with it. They didn't. Clients caught up with them and their portfolio grew from the 10 single prop ventures to more than 100 businesses.

Since its inception, Head Over Heels 1960 has served various clients, from family-owned pizza deliveries to Fortune 500 companies. We help businesses effectively use the different channels available today to reach, nurture and monetize their markets.

Our clients may opt to deploy our end-to-end solutions, branding services, or to just select the ones they need at the moment. Take us in on Day 1 when we kick off our market reconnaissance until we measure conversions against costs. Or you can just employ our content team to build your email list, create your newsletter and regularly deploy your message.